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The smartest solution on the market! is a software project that enables flight schools to perform flight planning, flight tracking, ground training and flight optimizations.

Manage your flight school from One Solution combines flight schedules, flight records, excuses and shift information, flight and health licenses, pilot information and flight evaluation forms, allowing them to be controlled and managed from one solution.

Web-Based Structure

  • Access to your account with any smart device such as computer, phone and tablet at any time and at any place simply by using a browser.
  • Needs zero installation. No program installation is required to access to your account.
  • Secure access with SSL certificates.
  • Secure and easy document management with electronic signature, without need for printout.

Compliance with DGCA Instructions

  • With finding tracking system, current and standard training in strict compliance with the rules of Turkish Civil Aviation.
  • Filing system in compliance with the instructions.
  • Rules adjustable on school basis.
  • Your records will be kept for at least 5 years.

Detailed Flight Statistics

  • Reporting flight records by selecting filters such as instructors, students, aircrafts and other or by groups.
  • Viewing statistically monthly or annual flight reports.
  • Reporting scheduled and realized flights.
  • Analyzing and reporting fleet-based trainings and remaining flights.

Flight, Simulator and Theoretical Knowledge Calendar

  • Creating flight, simulator and theoretical knowledge calendars that are easy, revisable and in strict compliance with instructions.
  • Instantly forwarding the revised flight schedules to flight crews.

Theoretical Knowledge Calendar

  • Following up students with electronic attendance module.
  • Statistics on ground course and detailed instructor and student reporting.

Pre-Flight Documents

  • Creating and archiving pre-flight documents electronically. family


"Uçuş eğitimine ilişkin tüm verilerin tek bir noktada toplanması ve müşteri özelinde değiştirilebilen yapısıyla FAMS, daha etkin ve izlenebilir programlama yapmak adına ihtiyaçlarımıza yanıt vermektedir. Hızlı ve çözüm odaklı müşteri desteği ile FAMS operasyonumuzu destekleyen önemli yazılımlarından biridir."

Oytun BİLGEN – Genel Müdür

About - FAMS Information Technologies

FAMS was established in Ankara in 2015 to develop corporate business software for the aviation industry.

FAMS offers software solutions to the needs in the aviation industry, which increase the efficiency of aviation personnel, reduce errors and costs, and ensure quality standards.

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